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Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer was developed by a caring and loving dog owner, whose goals are to provide dog owners with an all-natural treat that uses the highest quality ingredients that dogs will enjoy and, at the same time, promote the vitality and well-being of their pets. Teddy's owner warmly and sincerely makes it her mission to support  customers who want all-natural and organic treats for their pets as she helps consumers make educated decisions for their pet’s health and well-being.

Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer is made with all-natural and organic human-grade ingredients, including flax, turmeric, ginger, mushrooms and cinnamon. Turmeric is an Asian spice that has long been used in Chinese and Indian medicines for its powerful anti-inflammatory qualities, while ginger has been shown to slow the growth of certain cancer cells. Each order is hand-crafted to ensure the quality of ingredients with no artificial flavors, preservatives or chemicals. It is Non-GMO and vegan.

Organic Tumeric
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3 years ago my perfect girl lab Lillie was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor.  We did surgery to have the tumor removed, which was successful, but the vets saw a high reoccurrence rate with the type of tumor and prepared me that it often comes back in some form within a few months. I immediately started Lillie on Teddy’s Tumeric and not only did the cancer stay away for 3 years, but my puppy was back. Lillie’s coat had an extra shine, she pranced and played like she did when she was a pup.  I truly believe the Teddy’s Tumeric just made her feel better while keeping her body healthier for longer!  After seeing her success, and even though we had to say goodbye to her, our other dogs still enjoy Teddy’s Tumeric Tamer.

Rebecca D., Arlington, VA


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Turmeric can interact with some medications, so check with your vet/doctor before taking this product especially if your pet takes meds for anti-inflammatory or diabetes.