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Don’t Take Our Word For It


I add Teddy's Turmeric Tamer to my morning smoothie and it works wonders with my aches and pains due to fibromyalgia. I highly recommend this product for yourself and your fur babies.

Dawn C., MD | 2021


Our dog, Annabelle, suffered from a bacterial infection that settled in her spine at a very young age. We were so frustrated with the variety of vets, tests, and medications she was given and how much pain she was in on a regular basis. We tried TTT and it was only a matter of a week or two and we noticed a significant difference in her. Before, she would get so sore and be limping from pain after a short time of exercise, but it wasn't long before she could go hiking and swimming for hours and experience little to no pain at all! She's been taking the supplement for the past five years and hasn't had a single back problem in that time! We now give it to her and our other dog on a daily basis, and both are happy, healthy, and very active. We're so grateful for TTT and the difference it has made in our dogs living full, enjoyable lives!


Danielle F., South Burlington, VT


Our dog was getting older, lacked energy and was having peeing accidents in the house. After starting Teddy's product, we saw an increase in vitality and the peeing incidences stopped.


Mary P., Alexandria, VA


Our dog, Princess, has mobility issue and gets UTIs and has pee accidents. Since starting Teddy’s, we see a marked improvement in her mobility and no more pee accidents.


Susie F., Alexandria, VA


3 years ago my perfect girl lab Lillie was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor.  We did surgery to have the tumor removed, which was successful, but the vets saw a high reoccurrence rate with the type of tumor and prepared me that it often comes back in some form within a few months. I immediately started Lillie on Teddy’s Tumeric and not only did the cancer stay away for 3 years, but my puppy was back. Lillie’s coat had an extra shine, she pranced and played like she did when she was a pup.  I truly believe the Teddy’s Tumeric just made her feel better while keeping her body healthier for longer! After seeing her success, and even though we had to say goodbye to her, our other dogs still enjoy Teddy’s Tumeric


Rebecca D., Arlington, VA


Our Rikki was diagnosed with cancer and was not doing well.  We started him on Teddy’s product and it is really working wonders for him. When I ran out, he started having the same symptoms as before I started it. I can’t wait to get it back into his system.


Bella T.,  Franklin, NJ


My brother and I have had great results with the Turmeric Tamer! Even my brother's dog has seen much comfort from taking a daily dosage. The customer service at Teddy's is second too none. I highly recommend the product and company.


Kevin F., Clarkesville, TN


I first heard about TTT from my sister, Becky. I had a 12 year old male black lab, Buddy. After he had his gallbladder removed, we had five more months with him. I'm convinced TTT helped. Have been using TTT for my almost 13 year old lab, Lily, and I know it is helping her too.


Betsy B., Wellesley, MA

Our dog Axel prefers his food with Teddy's Turmeric Tamer mixed in. We give him his food plain and he sniffs it, but doesn't not eat it. When we add TTT, he eats it all up and licks the bowl clean!

Nick A., San Diego, CA | 1/2020


I have a Very high energy border Collie. We do not live on a farm unfortunately for Sam. So I need to find ways to tire this dog out. A great trainer helped, but Sam loves to run and play catch. We started to notice that every time he played catch either on a field or tennis courts or a dog park he would limp. We could never figure out which leg because it would vary. We could run 4 miles together and no limping. So we took him to the vet and guess what. Nothing. So we would start catch again and he would limp. So we stopped. Then my amazing friend told me how Teddy's Turmeric Trainer helped her dog. She said "just give it two weeks." So we started playing catch again and after 2 weeks...his limp was better...! So my neighbor gave me more and then I thought well this is ridiculous it cannot possibly work this well so when it ran out I did not order any more. Guess what? The limp was back. I ordered more. In the last 2 weeks we have run 5 miles...And been playing catch with no limp. This makes us both very happy. Thank you so MUCH.


Sam and Kristin N., Arlington,  VA | 1/2020

Our 12-year old Golden retriever, Sampson, is a different senior dog since we added Teddy's Turmeric Tamer to his diet 3 years ago.  Sam has arthritis from 2 ACL surgeries, as well as inflammation that comes with being an older dog. Teddy's Turmeric Tamer helps him act like the puppy he is in his mind!  He's able to fetch (a little) and interact with other dogs more comfortably!  Thank you for creating this wonderful product!

Lisa W, Houston, TX | 3/2020

Shelby is now a 12 year old lab and she is our world. 3 years ago we were told she had liver issues, but we didn't want surgery so we were looking for a natural way to proceed for her comfort and recovery. We can tell she is slowing down, but when we walk her in the mornings we hear comments all the time about how young she looks and what a beautiful coat.  We thank Teddy's Turmeric Tamer for giving these extra wonderful years with Shelby and hoping we still have perhaps more!

Wendy M. | 9/2020

My dog Rico was about 6 when we realized he had a mouth tumor. He lost weight, struggled to eat, and the vet provided expensive medicine that didn't seem to work. We tried TTT after a friend recommended it to us - the tumor was gone after the first container! And it's been non-existent for a while now. Great remedy to a difficult problem.

Brian A.  San Diego, CA  10/2020

Ivy was diagnosed over two years ago with cancer. The vet thought she had maybe 3-6 months. I immediately ordered Teddy’s and she has been on it ever since. She turns 15 next month. We walk 1-2 miles twice a day. I missed giving her TTT for almost a week. She began to limp. Now we keep extra stock in the house. I tell virtual strangers in my neighborhood about the product. All dogs should be on it. Thank you.

Joanne W. | 1/25/21

We have been giving Teddy's Turmeric Tamer to our two Puggles (ages 3 and 9) for just over one month and are already seeing great results! Our oldest had ACL surgery at age 5 and has struggled with joint pain and fragility in his limbs ever since, but he refuses to quit playing EVER. Teddy's Turmeric Tamer has been a God-send for us after years of purchasing expensive joint supplements that didn't seem to do much at all. We will be customers for life!

Bethany H. | 2/02/21


Although this product has not been licensed for human consumption, the ingredients are all-natural and some humans have seen results using it

I do yoga and PT exercised every morning and have for the last 18 months.  While I’ve seen a lot of improvement for my back and hips, nothing helped my knees.   I started the Teddy’s power on Dec 20th and I am AMAZED and overjoyed to state that the knee pain is tremendously improved. For our dog and her brain tumor (which is pushing out her right eye), I think we have noticed some modest improvement and her eye is less inflamed.

Bill F., MBA, Ph.d, Arlington, VA

Was skeptical since the product was made for a pet; however, since the ingredients are “human-grade” I took it. After taking it for two months, the gout on my elbow went away and my elbow did not hurt anymore. After two months, we traveled and I did not make a smoothie with the Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer and my gout returned.  Since then, started my smoothie every morning and, again, my gout is starting to go away again. Thanks!

Andy A., Cape Coral, FL

I wanted to let you know that after stopping smoothies since January because they were too labor-intensive, the arthritis pain in my hands and shoulder returned. So last week, I decided to make almond milk with your magic potion and my pain is gone. Literally. I am so grateful. I hope you are having luck getting approval to sell this for humans, but in the meantime I will certainly buy it for my own ailments. Thank you so much!

Elise D., Alexandria, VA

I just wanted you to know that your Turmeric concoction is amazing!  I accidentally sprained my left hand while on vacation.  I started taking your Turmeric product and within a week the swelling went down and the pain really subsided.  I’m continuing to take it daily because it also helped my tendonitis in my elbow!  Love the stuff!

Mimi F., Arlington, VA

I am so in love with your Turmeric product and I have a ton of people asking how to get it!!  I has helped my arthritis in my hands without a doubt.

Jackie M., Jersey City, NJ



I started taking Teddy’s Tumeric Tamer to help with on-going inflammation I’ve had since I had foot and ankle surgery over a year ago. It worked like a charm! Thank You!


Ester L., Arlington, VA

I have been super consistent about using it in the morning. I truly believe it has taken the pain of my tennis elbow down to like 20%.   I have had this before and it usually takes a really long time to get over the pain and discomfort.  Thank you, this is helping a lot faster.  


Dana K., Alexandria, VA.

I started taking this a few months ago and immediately saw an improvement in my energy level. I have exercised all my life but in my 60s I started to noticeably slow down. Supplements didn't really make a difference but TTT certainly did. I have it every morning!

Pamela S. | 3/2020

This product has helped me so much with my tennis elbow... I have recommended it to everyone with any joint or pain issues... thanks for this Marybeth!!!

Stephanie E. | 1/2021

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