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Teddy's Story

In June 2013, we noticed a lump the size of a golf ball on the snout of our 100-lb Newfie mix. On June 15, we took him to the vet, who did a full health analysis and collected cells, revealing that the lump was a cancerous tumor and we needed to immediately follow up with a Veterinarian Oncologist.


Between the time going to our regular vet and our first appointment with the oncologist, Teddy stopped eating. Desperate to help and understand what was happening with our precious Teddy, I did a lot of research on dog cancer, looking for holistic ways to entice him to eat and help reduce the effects of cancer. I began by adding all-natural (and organic) ingredients together that contained anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and cancer-fighting elements.


On July 1, 2013, the oncologist confirmed that Teddy had sarcoma (a malignant tumor of connective or other nonepithelial tissue). The specialist advised that the tumor was in an advanced stage and inoperative, that our Teddy had only about two, maybe four weeks to live, and recommended that we do what we could to simply keep him comfortable in the coming days.  Keeping Teddy comfortable meant giving him five medications that left him severely sedated and offered moderate to limited pain relief.  


Determined that Teddy was not going to live (or die) in pain, sedated, and unable to enjoy any aspect of his life, I was determined to find a way to give Teddy his vitality and happiness back. I dedicated myself to creating what is now called Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer® (TTT). Adding the powdered remedy to Teddy’s diet we saw an enhanced appetite, signs of decreased pain, and less reliance on pain medication. Plus, he absolutely loved it when I added the TTT to his regular meals.  It was clear that Teddy enjoyed the mix of ingredients in Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer® – turmeric, Omega 3, ginger, cinnamon, mushrooms -- and seemed to show better health, but also an improved mood and demeanor. Teddy lived. Not a few painful, incoherent weeks, but 3 wonderful years.


Amazingly, after Teddy was given only two weeks to live, he lived 3 life-full years! Committed to sharing this product with other pet families, Teddy's Turmeric Tamer® is licensed and registered through the State of Virginia as an animal remedy and complies with the AAFCO standards. As you will see from our testimonials and Google reviews, Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer® has had a positive impact on many, helping numerous dogs suffering from cancer, heart disease, and arthritis, and is being used for joint health, digestive health, cardiovascular health, cognitive health, immune health, and more.

We hope that your pet benefits from using Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer®.  WE WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS!


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