Teddy's Story

Teddy’s story begins in 2003.  From the very beginning, he became a true member of our family. He looked like a bear, but was as gentle as a lamb.


In June, 2013, we noticed a lump the size of a golf ball on Teddy’s snout. On June 15, the vet did a cystectomy, which revealed that the lump was a tumor with evidence of cancer cells. It’s hard to explain how scary it was to hear that our beloved dog, who had brought us such joy, had cancer.

On July 1, 2013 the oncologist told us that Teddy had a sarcoma (a malignant tumor of connective or other nonepithelial tissue). The doctor’s orders were to “keep him comfortable, he had only about two, maybe four weeks to live”. By keeping him comfortable, that meant giving him five medications. At best, the medications left him severely sedated and offered some pain relief. I did not want him to live (or die) this way, he was not living a quality life or eating. I was determined to find a way to give Teddy his vitality and happiness back and came up with a great treat that he absolutely loved when added to his regular meals. While I make no claims about the medicinal effects of the treat I created, it was clear that Teddy enjoyed the treat and seemed to show an improved mood and demeanor, he seemed like the happy Teddy that we always knew. The treat was a result of research I did on cancer in dogs while looking for holistic ways to help reduce the effects of the cancer and to help Teddy's mood to improve.


I started with turmeric and ginger and then started to add herbs and spices that were generally known to assist with inflammation and fed it to Teddy every day as part of his regular meals. By November, I had perfected Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer formula.  Wonderfully, Teddy started to look and act like his old self again and, over a short period of time his tumor was completely eradicated.

Amazingly, and after Teddy was given only two weeks to live, he actually lived 3 full years and outlived five of his dog friends, who were either younger than him or the same age and seemed to be in better health.

I hope that you benefit from using Teddy’s Turmeric Tamer.  WE WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS AS WELL!


For information, contact Teddystamer@cox.net.

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